Windows Phone 8.1 Project my Screen

Microsoft has provided a very big advantage to all the people who would like to project their Windows Phone screen on to a computer, which makes it easy to demonstrate a demo or any app or game directly from the Windows Phone on the computer.

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This advantage is the ‘Project My Screen’ application for Windows Phone and it works only for the developers version of Windows Phone 8.1. It is a desktop/x86 application and is not a Windows Store app. It can run on Windows 7 or above. So here’s how to install Project my Screen application on your computer:

1. Head on to Microsoft download store and download the ‘Project my screen’ application, or you can download it from here.

2. Launch the ‘Project my Screen’ application from the icon on the desktop or from the programs list. This will display a full screen and to enter into the Windows mode, press the escape key (ESC).

3. Using s USB cable that allows data transfer, connect your Windows Phone to the computer.

4. A prompt will be displayed on the screen of the Windows Phone asking you to accept or decline the screen projection to the computer. Click on Yes.

5. Then, the screen of the Windows Phone should be displayed on the computer screen.

Now it is time for you to demo an app or a game or anything you like to be projected onto the computer’s screen. Try it out for yourself and let us know how the experience went in the comments.

Microsoft’s Cliff Simpkins (in his website provided the whole user guide in a step-by-step manner if there occurs any problem while trying to project the Windows Phone’s screen. He also gave some Keyboard shortcuts on his website that can come handy while using this app.

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