Video Tuner screenshots

Editing videos is now made simpler by this ‘Video Tuner’ app which Microsoft rolled put to Windows Phone today. This app works only with Windows Phone 8.1  which provides advanced video editing tools with filters, lighting adjustments and other basic tools like trim, crop etc that can be found in any photo editing apps.

After installing Video Tuner on your Windows Phone, select any video from your camera roll to edit. You will be provided with six different menus of editing options. You can trim a part of the video, adjust exposure, contrast and saturation levels, slow down or speed up the frame rate of the video and the options are endless.

There is even the flexibility of fine-tuning the volume of the video or adding a background track from the songs stored on the Windows Phone. The best thing is, when you save the edited video, this does not replace your original video.

Video Tuner for Windows Phone

This app has Instagram and Vine settings too, so that it makes it easier to trim and crop videos respective to their settings. Bonus is that, all the edits done to the videos can be reversed at any time. Long Story short, Video Tuner is for Videos in the same way as Instagram is for Photos.

Download Video Tuner for Windows Phone 8.1 from the Windows Phone Store.

Do not forget to let us know how beautifully you edited your videos using Video Tuner in the comments!

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