Face unlock on Nexus

When an automatic lock is set for the Nexus device, the phone screen gets locked and the device goes to sleep at that specific time. Screen lock can be done even by pressing the lock button.

To unlock, there are many different options available but this Face Unlock is a fun feature to use. To activate it:

1. Go to Settings -> Personal -> Security -> Screen Lock

2. Of the options available, Face Unlock is an option. Tap on it and set it up.

When Face Unlock is set up, you can unlock your Nexus devices by just showing your face to the device’s front camera.

Got o Settings -> Personal -> Security and look for Improve Face Matching and Liveness Check. These two options help making Face Unlock more reliable and secure.

NOTE: This feature may work only on devices with Android 4.4.

Try Face Unlocking on your Nexus devices and let us know how fun that was in the comments!

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