Nokia Lumia 520

Knowing how to perform hard reset on any mobile phone may come handy if the phone becomes unresponsive. At times during unsuccessful attempt of unlocking the phone, hard reset can be performed. If the user intends to sell his phone, hard reset can be performed also then. to erase all the personal data. This post will show you methods of resetting Nokia Lumia 520:

If the phone freezes or becomes unresponsive:

This problem can be most probably fixed by power cycling the phone. Without switching off the phone, remove the battery. Wait for a minute’s time and insert the battery back into its place. Then turn on the phone and allow the phone to boot up normally.

Doing so will not result in any data loss.

Hard reset Nokia Lumia 520 from the phone menu:

This option can be used if the user knows the lock code of the phone. From the start screen, go to Settings -> About -> Reset your phone

Doing so will result in data loss from the phone. So it is advised that the user should back up all the data from the phone.

Learn how to backup data from Windows Phone here.

Hard reset Nokia Lumia 520 using hardware key combination:

This procedure can be helpful in the case of unsuccessful attempts to unlock the phone.

Nokia Lumia 520 hard reset

  • Turn off the phone
  • Press and hold the power key. When the phone vibrates, release the power key. Then press and hold the Volume down key.
  • An exclamation mark will appear on the screen. Then release the volume down key.
  • Press Volume up
  • Release volume up and press Volume down
  • Release volume down and press Power
  • Release Power and press Volume down again

The Nokia logo will appear and then gear icons will be displayed on the screen indicating that the phone is under reset. After the reset is complete,  Lumia 520 will reboot automatically. This process can consume several minutes, so be patient.

After the phone restarts, the user will need to select language settings and then the phone will restart again. This will lead the user to the ‘Set up Your Phone‘ process.

NOTE: Make sure that the phone’s battery is fully charged or at least plug-in the charger to the phone before performing hard reset.

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