samsung galaxy Tab S

Samsung has announced its tablet  series Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet series in India at a meet in New Delhi. The two 8.4 inch and the 10.5 inch tablets of the Galaxy Tab S series will be available for purchase from July 12.

Samsung launched the 3G variants of the Galaxy Tab S in India now, with the LTE variant to come out later this year. The 8.4 inch Galaxy Tab S is priced at Rs.37,800 (630$) and the 10.5 inch Tab S is priced at Rs.44,800 ($746). The pricing of the Galaxy Tab S is the same as the iPad Air mini in India and these tablets are aimed to compete with the iPad Air mini in the country.

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Samsung also announced that it provides 9 GB of free 3G data for three months and access to BigFilx, a movie rental service via reliance (Indian carrier) along with many services trough the  Galaxy Gifts promotion.

Who are picking upa Samsung Galaxy Tab S after it becomes available? Let us know in the comments.

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