Calendar app on Windows Phone 8.1

Yesterday, we saw that the native Calendar app for Windows Phone 8.1 has been updated to the version 1.0.14127.246 . But this update troubled many users as it was crashing soon after an appointment was added to it. Recognizing the bug, Microsoft removed the update to the Calendar app from the Windows  Phone Store.

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore mentioned in his tweets that “WP8.1 Calendar fix is ready and getting posted to the Store. Will take a bit of time to show up everywhere. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

So all the Windows Phone users who are on the developer version of WP8.1 and also the official WP8.1 users (such as Lumia 630 owners), they can now head to the Windows Phone Store to find the version 1.0.14127.247 of the native Calendar app in the Store.

It may take time for this update to reach up all the regions, so if you do not find the latest version, be sure to check once again later.

Download Calendar for Windows Phone 8.1 from the Store here.

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