Windows Phone LUMIA 920

After Windows Phone 8.1 is released (which is expected to release this month), users can create ‘folders’ on their start screen, which was a feature available to Android and iOS users until now. Folders are used to organize apps.

Once the Windows Phone 8.1 update is rolled out, creating folders is not a tough task for the users. To create a folder, tap and hold an app tile. Drag and drop that app tile on the start screen onto any other app tile. Then the user will be prompted to name the folder. After naming, the folder will be created with these two apps. To add more apps to the folder, drag and drop other tiles on this folder tile.

Folders in Windows Phone 8.1

This feature is posted on the but then it was removed soon after. To be able to create folders, users need to have Windows Phone 8.1 nstalled on their Windows Phones.

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