Beats Music for Windows Phone

Beats Music, which can be chosen as the alternative for the Xbox Music, is now updated for Windows Phone. The update pushes the beats music app to the version and along with the usual ‘enhancements and bug fixes’, the update also brings new features to the app. One of the major features is that users can now find and follow their Facebooka nd twitter friends on Beats Music.

The complete changelog of the updated Beats music app for Windows Phone are:

  • Find your friends: Find and follow your twitter and Facebook friends on Beats Music
  • Improved Facebook and twitter management
  • Lot of bugs have been fixed
  • Tap on ‘Contact Support’ to get in contact with the Beats Music app team.

By Following friends and artists, you can have a look at their latest playlists of Beats Music and also the latest album from an artist.

Beats Music screenshots on Windows Phone

Download Beats Music on Windows Phone from the Store here.

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