windows phone 8.1

Some applications of the Windows Phone will be integrated with the Settings which make them more easy to use. But these are impossible to uninstall unlike the regular applications. Windows Phone 8.1 has a trick to uninstall any of the OEM apps like Glance, Access point and etc. This post lets you know how to do that. This is a tip that can come handy if you really want to remove any OEM apps from your Windows Phone 8.1:

1. Go to Settings 

2. Select date+time. Change the year to 100 years later

3. Now go back to Settings and tap on any OEM settings of the phone like Storage sense, access point, glance.

4. A message will be displayed on the screen “problem with the app

5. Tap on Uninstall and then the app vanishes!

Do not forget to change the date and year back to the present as this is essential for the proper working of many apps.

If ever you want that app back into your Windows phone 8.1, you can download it from Store.

Are you going to use this trick and if you do, which OEM app are you going to uninstall? Let us know in the comments!

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