bing vision for windows phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 developers version had brought a lot of new features to the Windows Phone, but the much-liked Bing Vision seemed to disappear. But in reality, Bing Vision feature is not removed from Windows Phone. Instead, it is placed directly under the camera settings, for a much more quick access.

Bing Vision on Windows Phone 8.1 is moved to the lens section of the Windows Phone camera. Open the camera on Windows Phone (the regular camera or the Nokia Camera app, either will do) and tap on ‘lens’ menu. There, Bing vision will be found. Tap on it and you are ready to scan a Barcode or QR code, CD or DVD cover, and also a book cover!

This is how to use Bing Vision to scan a bar code or a QR code:

1. Open Camera, tap on Lens Lens icon-> select Bing Vision Bing Vision Lens icon

2. Scan the QR code or the barcode by pointing your phone’s camera to it.

3. On the Results screen, tap on the result to get the information about a QR code.

The result which appears will depend on the code that is scanned.

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