Vivalink digital tattoo

How amazing would it be if you can unlock your smartphone by just tapping on an adhesive tattoo? You might be wondering how that can be possible. Oh yes, with Vivalink digital tattoo, it is.

Vivalink created stickers which come in size of a nickel and presently work only for Moto X smartphones. This is how they work: You can stick these adhesive tattoos on your hand, wrist – practically wherever you feel comfortable on your body- and then sync that tattoo to your Moto X NFC (Near Field Communication) unlock. And then when you want to unlock your Moto X, just a single tap on your tattoo is enough. All it takes is just one tap on the tattoo.

This digital tattoo can live for up to five days withstanding all your daily activities. But what to do after five days? No worry because you get to buy a pack of ten of these digital tattoos at once, sufficient approximately for a month.


Impressed, but do not own a Moto X? No problem, Vivalink is working on some other phones too but meanwhile, You can let them know what your phone model is here and they promise to bring the digital tattoos for it.

Vivalink Digital tattoo for Moto X are available at $9.99 for a pack of 10.Get them here.

Who is going to buy a pack? Let us know what your thoughts are on these digital tattoos!

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