iPod touch 16 GB

Apple has released a new updated 16 GB iPod Touch for $199. This updated model of the 16 GB iPod touch now features a 5 Mega Pixel rear camera which was missing in the previous version. The new model also comes in some brilliant colors like Space Gray, Silver, Pink, Yellow, Blue and ( Product) Red, while the older model came only in Space Gray.

The updated 16 GB iPod touch comes with iOS 7 and features a 5 MP rear iSight camera with 1080 HD recording, Apple’s A5 chip, has a 4-inch retina display. The 32 GB and 64 GB versions of the iPod touch have undergone price reduction. The 32 GB iPod touch which was previously priced at $299 is now available at $249. The price of the 64 GB model is dropped down to $299 from $399.

Who all are going to grab the new updated iPod touch? Let us know in the comments.

Learn more about Apple’s iPod touch here.

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