Android wear to Android phone compatibility check

Android wear is announced by Google at the Google I/O 2014 on Wednesday. Android Wear is basically a smartwatch running on Android. It organizes your information, helps you manage notifications, allows sending text messages, access “Google Now”, shows weather updates, control music, helps navigation and many more! With Android wear, you practically access your Android smartphone right from your wrist.

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Android wear is compatible with Android smartphones running Android 4.3 and above, but if you want to know if your Android smartphone is compatible with Android wear, enter the URL in the browser of your Android phone. Immediately you will be shown with a display saying “Yes” or  “No” . As simple as that.

Already LG G watch and Samsung Live Gear are available on the Google Play Store for pre-order. Read about it here and pre-order if you like one!

So go on and check compatibility of your Android phones to Android wear.

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