Google announced Material Design, the major concept behind Android’s reinvention. The video given below will show about the Material Design concept in the latest Android L.


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Google’s Matias Duarte took through the Material design concept. This is the very first time such a concept will be introduced. The concept behind the Material Design, Matias Duarte said, is the real world paper and ink.

Material Design concept help on screen elements react to user’s touch just like what happens in the real world. That is, along with the X and Y dimensions, Android L previews now adds a Z dimension tot he User Interface.

Android L material design

This Z dimension is what helps in putting the selected elements on the screen forwarded. That is, they are not just highlighted. They are popped out of the screen in such a way that you can actually see them casting a real shadow! Also, buttons have a new way of responding with ripple touch effect.

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