Slingshot for ios and android

Facebook has introduced Slingshot – its Snapchat competitor- last week but it was available exclusively in the US. Now, Facebook has taken Slingshot globally and is available on Android, iOS .

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Slingshot functions slightly different than Snapchat. to view a photo shared by a friend, you first need to ‘sling’ an image. Only then will be the image shared to you will be unlocked. Otherwise, you cannot view it. A short while after they are viewed, images and messages disappear and they will be completely erased off Facebook’s servers within a month not bothering if they are viewed or not.

Slingshot, unlike Snapchat, allows to send images to many people at a time where as it misses the feature of notifying you when somebody on the other side takes a screenshot of what you have sent.

If Slingshot sounds like your thing, go grab it now.

Get Slingshot for Android from Google Play here.

Slingshot works on Android Jelly Bean an up.

Get Slingshot for iOS from iTunes here.

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Slingshot requires iOS 7