Microsoft has released the new improved dual SIM smartphone into the line of Nokia X series yesterday. Named as Nokia X2, this smartphone comes with the latest Nokia X  software platform 2.0. Read about the new Nokia X2 dual SIM here.

Nokia X2 dual SIM smartphone

This updated software brings new features and that is what makes the new Nokia X2 different and better than the previous smartphones of the Nokia X line. Along with providing a ‘Fastlane’ access to all the Android apps, Nokia X2 has a new Apps list added to its software. This results in a better user interface and helps in keeping the Home screen clean and clutter free. Speaking of home screen, the new Nokia X2 has a Home button unlike the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and the Nokia XL. This new home button allows the user to multitask between different apps on the smartphone.

Nokia X2 back button

The apps list is similar to what it is like in Lumia Windows Phones. It gives the list of all the apps and games that the user has installed. Resizing the tiles on the home screen has also been improved, giving a playful experience , says Yannis Paniaras, Head of Mobile Phones UX Design Studio at Microsoft in Beijing.

Navigation has been made a lot easier on the Nokia X2. By holding onto the back key, user can have a look at all the apps that are running and can switch to a particular app with a single tap on it or can close it with just a single tap on the X mark below the app.

Checkout the first hands-on video to see the improvements in the Nokia X2.

The other areas that got improved with the new Nokia X Software platform 2.0 are the virtual keyboard, camera, the User Interface and Fastlane. The keyboard will not be the same like it was on the previous Nokia X models.

Unfortunately, this new Nokia X Software Platform 2.0 will not be available for the Nokia X, Nokia X+ or the Nokia XL due to hardware requirements. However, Microsoft assures that these phones will surely get an update to improve the user experience.

Read Nokia X2 specifications here.

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