Movie Maker 8.1 on Windows Phone

Movie Maker is the first video editor app by developer Ventasoft on Windows Phone and it still remains as one of the best. With this app in your Windows Phone, you can mix videos pictures and music to create your own movie and edit them at ease as well!

With Movie Maker, there is no video duration limit and you can also save and edit your videos from SD card or from OneDrive.  There are a lot of features to this app like slow motion effects, various editing tools. In short, this can be a perfect app for video editing. This app has been updated today and brought a lot of exciting changes to it.

movie maker screen shots

The updated movie maker provides the following features:

  • Upload your video to instagram
  • Upload your video o YouTube
  • Zoom and Rotation Transistion
  • Music track library
  • Import/export to Live Movie Maker final
  • Improved User Interface (UI)

Movie maker is available at $0.99  or you can try it first using the Try option and it works only with Windows Phone 8.1.

Download movie maker for Windows Phone 8.1 from the Windows Phone store here.

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