Nokia Lumia 925 Cyan update

Lumia Cyan update is rolling out!. But to get the update, you must own a Lumia 925 plus you should be in Finland. Lumia 925 devices in Finland have started getting Lumia Cyan firmware update today.

Don’t get disappointed if you don’t stay in Finland. This gives a hint as to Lumia Cyan will be rolling out to more places and devices no later. So, that is a happy news!

Changes that Lumia Cyan brings to Windows Phone depend mostly on the device. But major changes come to the image quality of he photos taken on Lumia. That is, the Lumia Cyan firmware update extends the camera capabilities of the Windows Phone. Updates to Nokia Creative Studio and support for Bluetooth 4.0 are also expected.

Any Finland reader with Lumia 925? Let us know if you have received the Cyan update and what changes it brought!

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 Source: wpcentral