myTube app for Windows Phone

The unofficial Youtube app for Windows Phone – myTube – is available for free for 24 hours! In partnership with myAppFree, myTube has gone free for a day. Considering that Google still did not launch Youtube officially for Windows Phone, third party apps like myTube receive a lot of good response from the users.

myTube app allows users to open YouTube links from the browser. It is updated to version, brings several themes and layouts to make the user customize the app and witht he latest update, this app also works well with WIndows Phone devices of 512 MB RAM. The unique feature this app has is that, users can suggeset improvements or new features to the developers!

Features of myTube are:
  • HD video support
  • Watch videos while reading comments and browsing, even listen to it while using other apps
  • Rate, comment and share videos
  • Browse playlists and add videos to your own playlist
  • Browse and subscribe to your favorite channels
  • Save videos for watching when you have limited data connection
  • Pin channels’ uploads, favorites and playlists to your start screen
  • Double wide live tile
  • Offline Playlists

myTube app screenshots

myTube will be free for 24 hours, that is upto 12:00 UTC on June 25. Download myTube app for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 from the Windows Phone store here.

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