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Sometimes, a situation may come where you need to reinstall some of the apps you already had before on your Windows phone. This happens when you accidentally uninstalled an app or switched to a new Windows Phone. If the apps you want to reinstalled are paid apps, you need not pay for them again to get them back on your Windows Phone, provided they are still available on the Windows Phone Store. This post will show you how to reinstall apps or games on Windows phone:

To reinstall apps from the Phone:

1. From the ‘Start’ screen, go to ‘Store’ Store Tile.

2. Tap on Search’ Search icon to find the app or game that you want to reinstall.

3. If it is a free app, it will be reinstalled with no problem.

4. If it is a paid app, then ‘Buy’ option will be displayed on the screen. Even if you have already bought the app, tap on it. Don’t worry, this will not charge you again. After tapping the ‘buy’ button, Windows Phone will recognize if you have already bought the app so that you will not have to pay again.

A message saying ‘You’ve already purchased the app. Would you like to install it again? ‘ Tap on install and the app will happily get installed on your windows phone, without any reason for you to pay for it again.

If the phone is Windows Phone 8.1:

In Windows Phone 8.1, My App section is introduced which lists every app that you have purchased previously so that you can reinstall them back on your Windows Phone when the need arises.

1. 1. From the ‘Start’ screen, go to ‘Store’ Store Tile.

2. Tap on the three dots below more options, and tap on ‘My App’

3. Your purchase history list will be generated. Select an app that you want to reinstall and that opens the store page of that app.

4. You can also select multiple apps to be reinstalled by tapping on the ‘Select control button’  control select button. After you are finished with selecting the apps, tap on the download symbol  download button and then the selected apps will start to reinstall.

To reinstall apps from the computer:

1. From a web browser on your computer, go to

2. Sign in with the Microsoft ID that you use on your Windows Phone.

how to reinstall apps on windows phone from computer

3. Click on My Phone again and select ‘Purchase history’

4.  A list of apps that you have purchased previously will be displayed. Select an app to be reinstalled on your Windows Phone and click Reinstall’.

5. You might be prompted to re-enter your Microsoft ID information. DO so and follow the instructions given to reinstall the app.

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