IMEI or the ‘International Mobile Equipment Identity’ is a unique number to identify mobile phones. The IMEI number is used by a GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) network to identify valid devices and can be used for stopping a stolen phone from accessing that network. Suppose if a mobile phone is stolen, the mobile phone owner can call his network provider and ask them to block or ‘blacklist’ the phone using its IMEI number. This makes the phone useless when tried to use on that network or any other networks too. So this tells us that knowing your mobile phone’s IMEI number can be helpful any time. This post will show..

How to find the IMEI number on an Android phone:

1. Through the dial pad:

On the dial pad of your Android phone, enter the numbers *#06#. The IMEI number of that Android phone will automatically show up on the screen.

how to find imei number on android step 1

2. From the Settings of the phone:

Finding the IMEI number through the settings of an Android phone depends on the make, model and also the Android version of the phone, but the basic idea is that by going into the ‘About Device’ option through settings, you get to know your IMEI number.

So go to Menu -> Settings -> More -> About device -> Status -> IMEI

how to find imei number on android from settings

3. From the data printed on the device:

The information of the phone among which the Serial number (S/N), Model number and also the IMEI number will be printed on the device, and these details can be found usually in the battery compartment of the phone.

This method is usually helpful if the phone does not switch on and the user cannot use the two methods given above.

Switch off the phone and remove the back cover. Remove the battery too and  on the label underneath the battery, the IMEI number will be printed. It is usually a 15 digit number. It does not contain any letters.

If you know any other method of finding the IMEI number on Android phone, make sure to let us know in the comments!

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