If ever your smartphone is stolen or lost, Kill Switch is a software that will  help you do things like erase the personal data from the smartphone, make the smartphone inoperable by the people who have stolen it. This feature is already implemented by Apple in their iPhones and this has resulted in a noticeable decrease in iPhone thefts ever since.

find my phone windows phone

 Considering that, Google and Microsoft are also going to add this ‘Kill Switch’ to their devices. It is yet be officially announced as to when this Kill Switch will be added to the Android and Windows Phone Platforms.

For Windows Phone the ‘Find My Phone’ feature will be updated and when the update brings the following capabilities:

1. Remotely erase personal data from the smartphone.

2.  Prevent reactivation or setup of smartphone without the authorized user’s permission.

3. Render the smartphone inoperable by unauthorized users

4. Reverse the inoperability if they recover the smartphone and restore the user data stored in the cloud if the smartphone data was erased.

These new features will be made available to Windows Phone 8.0 and newer, while the details of the Kill Switch on Android are yet to be known.

Are one of those who lose their phones often? DO you think this feature will come to your rescue? Let us know in the comments!

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