This is some really good news to all the BlackBerry 10 users out there. The Canadian firm BlackBerry has struck a deal with Amazon which will make Amazon App Store available on BlackBerry 10 devices, with the launch of BlackBerry 10.3 this fall.

amazon app store for BlackBerry

By doing so, ” BlackBerry continues to meet two essential needs : greater app availability for our smartphone users and enhanced productivity solutions for customers ” said, BlackBerry Executive Chairman and CEO John Chen. Once this happens, more than 240,000 apps from the Amazon Appstore will be available to all the BlackBerry 10  device users. News is that BlackBerry and Amazon will be working together with the BlackBerry App development community to help them migrate their apps to Amazon Appstore in preparation for the launch of BlackBerry 10.3.

Well, having instant access to Android apps that are not currently available on BlackBerry World is going to be a great option for the existing and new users of BlackBerry 10. What do you think?

Do you think this deal of Amazon and BlackBerry will be able to spread more BlackBerry love? Let us know in the comments!

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