Along with the new Phone -Fire Phone – Amazon also announced Firefly, a new feature that recognizes everything around the user. In fact, Amazon’s Fore Phone even has a dedicated Key at its side for this Firefly feature. With Firefly, users can scan a barcode, a DVD cover, a CD. It also recognizes phone numbers, URLs, QR codes. Amazon says that the Firefly recognizes over 100 million items.

Amazon Fire Phone 2

Once an item is scanned, Firefly will allow the user to buy the item from Amazon or start playing the music or video content from Amazon Prime. Amazon has made a Firefly SDK available which include iHear Radio, Myftness Pal and Vivino.

You can download the Amazon mobile app SDK from  here.

Firefly seems to be an interesting feature. Let us know what you think of it in the comments!

Specifications of the Amazon’s Fire Phone will be given in the next post.

Fire Phone can be pre-ordered from Amazon here.

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