sicher for android,ios,windows phone

Sicher, a new messenger app has been released today on Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices. Pronounced as Zee-her, this is an app by ‘SHAPE’, which also brought IM+ to Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

Sicher claims that this messenger can be highly secure as no messages or files will be transferred without encryption and no person,even SHAPE member can read or see what the type of file the user sends!

sicher for android,ios,windows phone


The features of Sicher are:

  • Point – to – point encryption of text messages and files (pictures,videos, pdf’s, doc’s, xls’s, etc.)
  • Timer for self destruction of messages or manual purge of chats on all ends of conversation.
  • Group chats
  • Anonymous Push notifications
  • Password protection of the app along with heavy encryption of all data stored on device
  • Operated and located in Germany for maximum security and privacy
  • We don’t send crash logs, don’t track usage statistics, don’t use any advertising engines, don’t integrate social network SDKs

Those are some pretty good features. So any one going for Sicher? Let us now in the comments.

Get Sicher for:

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