Slingshot for ios and android

Facebook has launches their Slingshot – a competitor to Snapchat’ – on Android and iOS platforms. Slingshot is a photo and video sharing app.

The features of the app, they say, for both Android and iOS are:

  • Stay in touch: Capture photos and videos and share them with friends.
  • Enjoy while it lasts: Once you swipe a shot away, it will no longer be viewable.
  • Go shot for shot: To unlock a new shot, first you have to sling something back.
  • Send a quick reply: After unlocking a shot, respond with your reaction with ‘react’ option.
  • Get creative: Express yourself with captions and drawings.
  • Look when you want: View unlocked shots later if you are busy.

Slingshot for ios and android

The major thing to consider is that users cannot view the photos shared with them, unless they share a photo back.

On iOS platfrom, this app requires iOS 7 or later. It is compatible with iPhone,iPad and iPod touch whereas on the Android Platform, this app works with Jelly Bean or Kitkat versions.

Do you think Slingshot from Facebook will be as popular as it wants to? Give it a try and let us know in the comments!

You can install Slingshot for Android from Google Play here

You can install Slingshot for iOS from the App Store here.

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