Live on YouTube by Xperia for Xperia Z2

Sony Mobile has released a YouTube app called”Live on Youtube” exclusive for Xperia Z2 users. As the name implies, the app does the same by allowing the users to broadcast live videos on YouTube. Users can also share the video publicly for the world to watch or privately with family or friends.The app is now available from the Google Play Store to download with a version 01.00.12.

Live on YouTube app for Xperia

To be able to use this app, users need a YouTube account (a Google account will do) and the user has to turn on the live feature in his YouTube account. You can do that by going to The app is not available in Germany currently and also for users who live in countries where YouTube is not available. While you broadcast your video live on YouTube, you can also keep trcak of the number people are viewing your video, likes and dislikes.

You can learn more/download Live on YouTube app for Xperia Z2 from Google Play here.

Any Sony Xperia Z2 user going for this app? Let us know in the comments!

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