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Apple ID for iPhone or iPad enables the user to use iCloud, to buy apps from App Store and media from iTunes. In short, an Apple ID is essential to get most of the iPhone or iPad. If you already have one, well and good. But if you don’t have an Apple ID, this post will let you know how to do that. You can create an Apple ID right from your iPhone or iPad. So let’s start knowing….

How to create a new Apple ID on iPhone or iPad:

1. From the home screen, go to Settings.

iphone home screen


2. In the Settings screen, tap on iCloud.

signup create apple id 1

3. To the bottom of the screen, tap on Get a free Apple ID.

signup create apple id 2

4. Then you iPhone or iPad prompts you to enter your birthday. Enter it and tap on Next on the upper right of the screen.

signup create apple id 3

5. Then type in your First name and Last name and tap on Next again.

signup create apple id 4

6.Then the iPad or iPhone shows a screen where you need to choose whether you want to use your current email address or create a new email address for the iCloud account. Make your choice and then tap on Next.

signup create apple id 5


7. If you chose to use a current email address, then you should check your email for the activation link and tap on it to confirm the iCloud account creation.

8. If you chose to get a new iCloud email address, you will be prompted to enter an email id for the new iCloud account. Enter what you want your iCloud email id to be and tap on Next.

signup create apple id 6

9. On the next screen, tap on Create.

10. For either of the above methods (using a current email address or creating a new email address), you need to enter a password

…and then it’s done! You then will be having your own Apple ID and an iCloud account.

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