BlackBerry announced the availability of BlackBerry Protected, the first solution in the eBBM Suite for secure enterprise-class messaging. eBBM is a newfamily of the BBM products and the company says that this helps in giving additional security required by enterprise customers.

BBM Protected


BBM protected,they say, provides enhanced security for BBM messages sent between BlackBerry phones. eBBM Suite will include new services designed to enable mobile workers to be more productive and at the same time, enterprises’ needs for security, management and controlability are met.

The current release of BBM Protected can be used for BlackBerry smartphones running on OS 6.0 or later or for BlackBerry 10 devices in regulated mode. Versions of BBM protected for BlackBerry 10 smartphones using BlackBerry Balance and iOS and Android devices are expected later this year.

The canadian handset maker said, “BBM Protected is the Only secure mobile instant messaging app that uses a FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic library. BBM Protect enables employees to use the same app to securely message colleagues inside the company they work for and also chat and share with family and friends outside the company.”

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