We have previously seen how to backup a BlackBerry 10 with  Blackberry Link. There are also apps to do the same job. Backup pro is one such app on BlackBerry World that lets you backup all the stuff like books,calendar, camera, contacts, documents, downloads, express, music,Photos,Playlist, print, Remember, Videos from the Blackberry 10 smartphone (internal memory and/or SD card). This has a cloud storage feature and memory support.

Backup Pro for BlackBerry 10 smartphones

Backup BlackBerry with Backup Pro:

Once installed in the BlacBerry device, upon loading the app, you can choose from various backup options -Box, Drop Box,Memory, and SD card. If you select cloud services, you will be prompted to login into their site.

Once the choice of backup is selected, you have to then choose which data should be included in the backup. Put a tick mark in each of the boxes beside the items you choose to backup. Depending on the type and size of the files you chose to backup, the speed of taking backup will vary. If larger files are to be included in the backup, then it is advised to use Wi-Fi connection.

Restoring BlackBerry with Backup Pro:

By tapping the restore option at the bottom of the app screen, restore option can be used. With this restore option, you will have the access to only the three latest backups, although all the previous backup files will be stored in the cloud.

The app cannot backup SMS or MMS currently but that will be included soon. Compared to the price tag of Rs.250 ($4.99), the ease of backup/restore that this app offers is much more and the biggest advantage is that all the data are stored in universal file formats so that the backup data can be transferred between the BlackBerry and computer.

Learn more/purchase Backup Pro from BlackBerry World here.

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