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Twitter is testing a new feature for its Android version which will allow users to embed tweets within their tweets. To avail this option, users need to use the official twitter app for Android.

To embed a tweet, the link of the tweet should be copied and pasted in the text box of the twitter app in the Android device. When the tweet gets posted, instead of the whole URL, a clean tweet appears on the timeline. This gives an additional option of expressing user’s opinion about his tweet and this could not be done with the retweet option.

To view the embedded tweets, the user needs to click on the individual tweet as the embed tweet will be showed as a URL in the timeline. As of now, the embedded tweets are not visible in the web interface of twitter and are only seen in the mobile version.

To use the new feature,users need to have the latest version of  the official twitter on their Android device.

Get latest version of twitter for Android from Google Play

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