Facebook rolled out another update to its Messenger app for the Android devices. With this update, the version of the messenger app changes to 6.0. This brings in a few changes. One of them being the ability to record videos in-line without exiting the app.

Before this update, the Messenger version 5.0 allowed its user to share in-app pictures and  pre-recorded videos from their camera album. But now, in the new update Facebook Messenger 6.0, tapping and holding the camera icon in the app allows the users to record a video from inside the app! However, the duration of the video is limited to 15 seconds. Practically, when you tap and hold the camera icon the front faced camera gets opened by default allowing the users to take a 15 second selfie.

The next new feature that comes along with this update is the ‘Big Likes’ feature which  is basically a big thumbs up icon to show that you really liked something very very much. Press and hold to send a bigger thumbs up and activate ‘Big Like’. This can be considered as a way for the users to express their feelings in a much better way.

What do you think of these new add-ons to the Facebook messenger app on Android? Let us know in the comments.

If you aren’t using a Facebook messenger on your Android, you can get it from Google Play for free here.

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