facebook for windows phoneFacebook picks up another update on Android  and now its not just any regular “enhancing and bug-fixing” update. This update has new features to offer to its users! This update made the version of the app change to 10.0.  With this new update, Facebook offers all its Android users to be social even when they are offline. Continue to read on to know the other new features that this new version of Facebook on Android offers to its users:

  • Like posts, photos and pages when you are offline : this works very well if at all you run out of your mobile data plan or have no access to internet at any time.
  • Remove tags you have created
  • Remove tags of yourself that your friends have created : This and the above update offer better privacy to the users
  • Turn post notifications on and off: This is a feature that comes to help when any of your friends post updates continuously and you don’t want them to. Just turn off notifications for that person and that’s it. You wont receive any updates from them. You can turn on notifications for them any time later.

Along with the new features mentioned above, the regular speed enhancements and improvements is added int he update.

So that is what the new update of Facebook on Android offers. Update the Facebook app on your Android device now and let us know in the comments about how exciting are the new changes to you!

Get Facebook for Android on Google Play here.

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