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The popular keyboard app – Swiftkey – which was a paid app previously, is now free. The updated version of the keyboard app is released today and is offered for free to all the users of Android. Read on to know more..

Along with the keyboard that comes for free, users can also avail the advantage of SwitfKey Cloud, which stores the user’s prediction words from all the Android devices that are connected to it. Not only that, you can make SwiftKey learn from what you type into Google, Facebook or twitter from your device.

But that should not disappoint people who already bought the app on their Android devices, because they are offered a little extra than the users who install it now for free. In SwiftKey’s words,  “To Thank our users who have paid for SwiftKey Keyboard in the past, we’re offering you a Premium Pack of 10 new themes to download, worth of $4.99 for free!”

SwiftKey Emoji

The following are some of the top features of the new update of SwiftKey:

  • SwiftKey Store: A place to customize your keyboard with new add-ons. Presently, 30 new free and premium themes are available in the store and many are yet to come.
  • New default theme: The default theme has been changed to ‘Nickel’ and this is in addition to the themes available in the Store.
  • Emoji and Emoji Prediction: 800 emojis available to choose from when you type and the app also predicts an emoji based on the relevant words. Emojis will be available from Android 4.1 and above
  • Number row: Without switching between the letter and number layout on the keyboard, the app now gives an optional header number row on the top of the alphabet keys.
  • Improved prediction engine: Better capitalization awareness and ability to type in up to three languages at a time!
  • New languages: Totally 66 languages are available on the app at present. The new languages added include Belarusian, Mongolian, Tatar, Uzbek and Welsh.
  • Improved Flow trails: Flow trails are the lines that appear when users swipe from one letter to the other. With this update, the Flow trail lines become more clearer and visible so as to make users type with better accuracy.

Get SwiftKey for Android on Google Play here

So, all the paid users of SwiftKey, go pick up your free premium pack of themes. As for the rest of the Android users, now you shouldn’t have any excuses to get the most popular Android Keyboard app. Try it out and let us know in the comments about how you feel.

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