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A new exciting offer from Motorola is now live! Motorola has announced a “Try then Buy” offer for Moto X in which customers can have a Moto X shipped to their place by paying $0.01 and then use it for two full weeks. After 14 days, if the customers like the Moto X, they can keep it by paying the agreed price. They also avail a 30% discount promo code to buy the accessories. On the other hand, if they don’t like the Moto X, they can return it back without costing them anything.

Not only you can enjoy Moto X for 14 full days, the amazing thing in this offer is,  customers can design how they want their Moto X to be :they can choose how the front, the back and the buttons of the phone should look like, even the colors. This offer will be live from June 9, 12. am, EST. This is how Motorola put the “Try then Buy” offer.

try then buy procedure

try then buy moto x

You can read the FAQs of this offer here.

Are you going to “Try then Buy” Moto X? let us know in the comments.

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