This will not be a new thing to people who already use BlackBerry 10 Phones , but to those who just bought BlackBerryZ3 and are getting accustomed to it, this might seem as a quick tip. Previously, before BlackBerry 10.2.1 OS was released, the Blackberry phones needed a third party application to let the users know how much of the battery life was remaining. But now, all those are not necessary because a simple swipe will show us the battery life remaining in percentage.

Blackberry Z3



How to view battery percentage quickly on Blackberry Z3:

It’s not a big process, just swipe up from the bottom of your BlackBerry Z3 screen. As long as you hold your finger in this position, the standard battery icon which will show the battery level will change to numbers and show the battery life in percentage.

So that’s it. It’s easy as that. Just swipe up to see your battery percentage. It may not be an important feature to be highlighted, but it can come handy at times.

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