The Life360 Family Locator app is now available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 in Windows Phone store. This app is a location tracking app and can be used to locate the members of a predefined groups or ‘circles’. With Life360 locator, users can:

  • Find family and friend locations on a private map
  • Get notified when any person in the family group needs help
  • Chat one-on-one or with everyone in each of the circles
  • Get alerted when a circle member reaches a destination
  • Tack a stolen or lost phone

Chatting in the Family Locator App is free and ‘The Family channel’ of the app allows communication between all the members of the Family circle at the same time. And the awesome feature above all of this is, this app can be used to stay connected with people regardless of the device- iPhone, Android Phone or Windows phone ! The basic idea behind Life360 is that most of the families use devices that run on different operating systems and it would be difficult to stay connected to each other considering the difference in the OS of the devices. With Life360, even if a member decides to change his device, he can still continue using Life360 without any interruptions. Just the app is to be downloaded on the new device to connect to the existing account and everything will be same as it was before.

When Life360 is installed on a device, user can create circles or groups of family members and friends in the app. Life360 uses GPS technology to track all the members of the group and shows the location of each member with individual icons. Users can also setup alerts to receive a notice when someone in the circle reaches/leaves a destination. This comes very helpful in the case of parents worried about their kids.

Learn more/download Life360 Family Locator app for WIndows Phone here.

Watch this video about Life360:

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