An update to Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone has rolled out yesterday. This is the second update to the messenger since it has launched on Windows Phone last year. The first update brought the ability to save photos and resulted in better performances, while this new second update brings new features and much better performances to the Messenger in the Windows Phone.

Groups on Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone

The updated version of the Facebook Messenger in the Windows Phone store is 5.0 and following are the results of the update:

  • Group Support: Manage or create groups with closest friends, family or work colleagues. These groups can also be pinned to the Start screen to get back to them later easily.
  • Instant Photo Sharing: New photo gallery feature is built into the messenger with which users need not leave the app to take a photo separately.  All it needs is just one tap to take a photo and send it right away. Access to the photos in the gallery also had been made easy.
  • For better data consumption, the messenger will now be working in the background to do processes like caching images/stickers . And performance improvements have been done.

Update the Facebook Messenger app to the new 5.0 version and let us know your experiences in the comments.

If you do not have Facebook messenger app on your windows phone, get it for free from the Windows Phone store here.

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