Family Sharing on iOS 8

Recently, at the World Wide Developers conference (WWDC) 2014, Apple announce its iOS 8 officially. There were many new features included in the iOS 8 that will take the iOS users by surprise. One of those is the ‘Family Sharing’ feature.

Family sharing is a feature that enables multiple iOS devices like iPhone or iPad to share stuff like calenders, reminders, apps, music, iBooks and more without sharing accounts with one another. The maximum number of  iOS devices that this feature can support is 6. This allows ‘Find My iPhone’ feature to be used with anyone in this group of 6 and this would be helpful when the iPhone or iPad is lost.

Purchases of apps, music, movies can also be shared across these devices so that it makes the purchase process a lot more easier. If someone in the family wants to purchase an app and doesn’t have a credit card, a notification can be sent to another member who has a credit card access. The member who receives the request can review the request and accept it or decline.All it needs is just one tap for this person to allow the app to install on the sender’s device.

App purchas using Family Sharing on iOS8

To make apps on an iOS device to be a part of Family Sharing, on iTunes Connect, agree to the updated iOS Paid Applications agreement in Contracts, Tax and Banking. To make already installed apps available for Family sharing, select the appropriate checkbox on the agreements page.

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Learn more about Family Sharing on iOS 8 here.

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