One of the surprising features of the iOS 8 is its compatibility for third party keyboards. That means, developers can create and users can install some third party keyboard apps on their iPhone or iPad running on iOS. More surprising is that ‘SwiftKey’ and ‘Fleksy’ are going to be one of those apps already!

SwiftKey is one of the most popular keyboard apps on Android platform. Swiftkey has already released its SwiftKey Note app in the App store for all the iOS users to have them a taste of its product. SwiftKey is currently providing an option to register at the iOS signup page so that anyone who wants tokeep track of its progress to iOS 8 can be updated.

Fleksy is another one of the first third party keyboard apps that will become available on iOS 8. Fleksy is already giving out its beta version as a tease. Register/Sign-up at the Fleksy website for the Beta version and stay updated with their progress.

Fleksy for iOS 8

SwiftKey keyboard  and Fleksy Keyboard will be available for the users as soon as iOS hits the Apple devices this Fall. That is, on or around September 17, 2014.

For those who cannot wait to have the experience of these apps until iOS 8 is released, they can download SwiftKey Note and Fleksy from the App Store right away.

So that is some good news for the keyboard app developers and also to folks who except something new on iOS!

So,What do you think? Which among the SwiftKey and the Fleksy keyboard will you choose when iOS 8 becomes available? Let us know through your comments!

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