NavFree for Blackberry 10

Not having official Google Maps app for BlackBerry 10 phones can seem as a drawback but there are other amazing map apps for BlackBerry 10 phones. NavFree is one such app that helps users in navigating. This is a free voice guiding navigation app available for Blackberry 10 phone users.

Previously this app was not on any Q-series phones of the BlackBerry 10. But a recent update for this app in the Blackberry World just changed that by extending the support of NavFree to the BlackBerry Q5 as well as Blackberry Q10. The features that NavFree provides its users are:

  • Complete voice guided navigation
  • HD maps.
  • Gives fast routing and the best thing is it does not require data connection!
  • Automatic routing feature will help getting back on track if any turn is missed.
  • Switch to walking mode while walking.
  • Offline and Online address search.
  • Can navigate using postal code, city street or POI (Point of Interest. POI is a specific location that someone may find useful or interesting)
  • Simple POI search. Can use FourSquare for extensive list.
  • Integrated Google Street View.

And this app promises much more.

Supported devices: BlackBerry Q5, BlackBerry Q10, BlackBerry Z10,BlackBerry Z30

All countries and all carriers supported.

There is also some premium content like Celebrity voices, Traffic data, safety cameras and live parking data available from this app for purchase. But this app could do well without these too.

Have a Blackberry 10 phone? Then install this free navigation app for your phone and let us know what your reviews are about the app.

Download NavFree from the BlackBerry World

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