Until recently, it was said that ‘Ngram’ , the unofficial Telegram Messenger app would be declared as official by the Telegram Team. But now, the Windows Phone Store shows the Ngram app re-branded as the Telegram messenger Beta. The version of this Telegram Messenger Beta is v0.14.5.27.

Telegram Messenger

News is that, Telegram has open-sourced its app development and paved way for a contest in which it lets number of other developers to bring up messenger apps similar to it for Windows Phone platform and then Telegram team would chose the best among them and declare it as the official Telegram messenger app for Windows Phone.

Telegram Messenger is a competitor to the popular WhatsApp, but after using it, Telegram and WhatsApp seem more or less similar except that Telegram has more features. Plus, it promises to be the fastest and the most secure messenger app.

Telegram messengerfor Windows Phone

Since the latest news that WhatsApp has withdrawn from Windows Phone platform and did not give a timeline of when it will be back, Telegram is a good option for Windows Phone users.

The features of telegram are:

  • Fast : It uses a decentralized infrastructure
  • Secure: More secure compared to other popular messaging services
  • Cloud storage: Free unlimited Cloud storage
  • Group Chat and Sharing: Can group chat with up to 200 people, quick sharing of photos and videos of even large size
  • Free: This messenger is a free service and does not come with any advertisements.
  • Privacy: User data will not be shared with any third parties

This app is compatible with all Windows Phones. Get it here: Telegram Beta for Windows Phone

So, are you going to try Telegram Messenger on Windows Phone? Say it in the comments.

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