Most often, it happens that we forget to attach documents or images while sending emails. But it is of no use regretting after clicking ‘send’. Users with Blackberry  phone running on ‘Blackberry 10’ OS  now need not worry about this. An app called “UnSend Email” lets the Blackberry users retrieve their email and stop it from reaching the destination if it is mistakenly sent.

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Unsend Email:

Unsend Email app works this way: Whenever an email is sent from the Blackberry, the app will hold these sent mails for a specific time duration. This hold time is the time that the email waits in a queue and within this time, the user can undo or unsend the email.

After the app is installed on the Blackberry 10 device,


To set the delay time:

1.Open the ‘Unsend Email’ app

2. Swipe down on the screen from the top and select ‘Settings’

3. Slide the ‘Send Delay’ slider bar to set the time delay. The delay ranges from 5 sec to 10 minutes.

For example, if the delay is set to 30 seconds, any email sent from the Blackberry will be held within the queue for 30 seconds and within these 30 seconds, the user will have the chance to ‘unsend’ the mistakenly sent email.

After this 30 seconds, the email will be automatically sent and the chance to ‘unsend ‘ will no longer available.

To unsend any email: 

After sending an email,

1. Go to the Blackberry HUB and press and hold on the email that is wished to be unsent.

2. From the menu options that appear, select ‘Share/Unsend’ option.

3. A list of pending emails will be displayed. Select the pending email to be unsent.

Now, the selected email will not be sent and it will be be saved to drafts.

If the user does not unsend any pending emails, it will automatically be sent after the set duration of the delay time and the phone vibrates to notify that a pending email has been sent.

This app,released on May 22,2014 is available on all Blackberry 10 models (Blackberry Q10, Blackberry Q5, Blackberry Z10, Blackberry Z3, Blackberry Z30, Porsche design P9982) for Rs.150 ($ 2.99) . All the future upgrades of this app are free.

NOTE: For Blackberry devices running on OS 10.3, Active sync,IMAP and POP accounts are compatible. For Blackberry devices running on OS below 10.3, only Active Sync accounts are supported

Get the  app for Blackberry here: Unsend Email

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