Android is open for everyone and this makes it possible for anyone to do bad things. Mostly, viruses and malware attack of Android OS happen due to the applications.  But the positive side of Android is that it has check list to keep its system safe from the viruses and malware that some apps bring.

avoid Virus and malware on Android

This post gives some tips and ways to keep one’s Android device safe from the viruses and malware that the apps can bring.

1. Install the apps only after knowing completely:

This is the first step to prevent viruses and malwares into the Android device. Sometimes, we receive emails or messages with links to apps. But these cannot be fully trusted. If the app does not provide any details like whose it is, what it does and where it came from, DO NOT click on those links to install those apps. They can be pretty dangerous links and can cause a virus attack on the Android device.

2. Install the apps from only Trusted sites:

Install the Android apps from the very trusted Google Play Store or at the most, the Amazon AppStore. These sites guarantee safety and keep all the harmful apps away so we can download and install apps from these sites without much worry.

Google Play logo


amazon appstore


And never install pirated apps just because they are available for free from third parties whereas they are ‘paid’ apps on the Play Store. These pirated apps can cause a lot of disturbance for the Android device.

3. Go through Permissions of the App:

Before tapping on ‘accept’ or ‘agree’ to install an app, read the permissions to that app.  This can require some patience but since it is the matter of protecting the device, it should be done.

See what that app can access from the Android device on which it is being installed. For example, any keyboard app requires access to the keystrokes of the phone. A wall paper changing app might require access to the internet, photo album or the camera. A messaging or email service app might require access to the contacts. These are fine. But does a keyboard app require access to the phone’s contacts or does the wallpaper app require access to the keystrokes? That is something to think of. So, think a while by reading the app permissions before tapping on the ‘accept’ or ‘agree’ button and then install.

 4. Make sure  “Install from Unknown sources” is not selected:

In the security settings of the Android device, if there is a tick mark beside “Install from Unknown Sources”, remove it immediately. This is a default option provided by the Android OS on the device. By doing so, a warning is displayed on the screen if any app out of Google Play Store is trying to be installed.

5. Use an antivirus, if necessary:

An antivirus on an Android Phone is not highly important because, Google regularly scans whatever that goes into or is in Google Play Store. But that also cannot ensure to be 100% safe. So if you think it is really necessary,use an antivirus app for your Android device.

Coming to antivirus apps, install those antivirus apps which can be identified as the popular ones because they can be reliable than the rest.

Any questions or any more tips to keep away viruses and malwares from Android? Tip off in the comments.

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