BlackBerry 10 phones now receive a new update to the Facebook app. This update changes the app version to v10.4.1.11 and brings some healthy changes along with the usual bug fixes and general improvements.



With this new update,

  • Edit or delete a comment by long pressing on it.
  • Edit status by long pressing on it.
  • Suggest friends for tagging, check-in’s etc.,
  • Add map of an Event address as a picture. So this update also brings Event improvements.
  • A warning dialogue appears which helps in not losing the comments or posts when accidentally navigating to another page.
  • Application launch time is reduced meaning that the app takes considerably lesser time to launch/open.

These seem to be some major appealing changes to the app compared to the previous version.

Download the app for BlackBerry 10 phones from here: Facebook for BlackBerry 10

Did you download the latest update for Facebook on Blackberry 10? If so, shoot off your views in the comments.

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