Sony is launching two products, the Wireless Charging Cover WCR 12 and the Wireless Charging plate WCH 10 that allows charging of the Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone without the help of any wires. These two Wireless charging products are designed by Sony using the latest inductive ‘Qi’ technology. By using this technology, the power transfer takes place from a transmission pad to a compatible receiver (‘electromagnetic induction’ principle).

Wireless charging cover (WCR 12):

Sony wireless charging cover WCH 12

It is a flip style cover for the Sony Xperia Z2 and this protective flip cover enables the wireless charging of the phone. This WCR12 cover has an additional advantage of changing itself into a stand to make it possible to place the phone at any desired angle on a table or a desk, for a convenient view.

Wireless Charging plate (WCH 10):

Sony wireless charging plate WCH 10

The Sony Xperia Z2 or any Qi technology compatible device can be charged wireless by placing it on the charging pad of this WCH 10 which produces 5W of power.

Watch the Sony’s wireless charging promo video

The availability of these accessories from Sony is not yet announced.

What do you think of these wireless accessories from Sony? Are you going to buy one when they become available? Say it in the comments!

Images and information source: Sony

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