Google finally launched the user friendly web page layout of  Google Play store for mobile devices. Previously, anybody accessing the Google play store had met the desktop version of the website. It was a bit difficult to use that desktop version on a mobile device. However, for Android users, this did not seem as a big issue as there was Google Play app available for the Android devices.

But now, Google has launched the full-featured mobile version of the site. This means, even other users like Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone etc., can have an easy access to the Google Play store website on their device.

google play mobile friendly

The interesting feature of this new mobile friendly version of the Google Play store is that it now has a slide-out navigation menu from which user can access to all the sections of the store. Tap on the bars that can be seen at the top left corner of the screen and the slide navigation bar will appear. Newly added is the “Devices” section from which users can buy any Android device from the Store while this option is not provided by the Google Play app on Android.

google play slide navigation

With this this new comfortable web page layout for the mobile devices, every smartphone user has access to buy apps, devices, music, books and all kinds of things offered by the Google Play Store.

Screen shots depicting the new Google play site on the mobile browser are given here. Ready to checkout what the new mobile-friendly Google Play Store looks like on your phone? Just open the web browser on your phone and go to Google Play!

Google play candy crush saga

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