Get the lyrics of a song you’re listening to, navigate quickly between apps, take a screen shot.. you name it, Nokia Lumia has a tip for it!

Nokia-Lumia tips

This post will present some cool tips for Nokia Lumia smartphone users, and these tips are officially given by Nokia. We will keep updating this post with new Lumia tips further.

Tip #1: Block a number

Annoyed by the calls coming from a particular number? Here’s a way to stop receiving their calls.

Go to call history and  scroll to the number that is to be blocked. Now, tap on that number and hold for few seconds. In the options that drop down, select Block number. Then tap OK and it’s done!

Tip #2: Take a screenshot

Do not hesitate to capture ans save the contents on the screen! With Nokia Lumia in hands, screen capture is just two buttons away. Press and hold home button (Windows icon) and the power button together to get a screenshot.

Tip #3: Quickly access the notification bar

Swipe down from the top of the screen to quickly check the battery life, wi-fi and blue tooth connection and service  signal strength.

Tip #4: Easy way to Unlock the screen

Double tap and swipe on the screen to easily unlock the Lumia.

Tip #5: Silence an incoming call

Unexpected call in a meeting or a classroom? No worries, Lumia now has a way to quickly silence an incoming call. Just flip the phone down  (turn the phone with screen downwards) and the call automatically is silenced.

Tip #6: Glance Screen

Glance screen on Nokia Lumia gets activated when the phone is on standby. It displays the clock time and and notifications in standby mode of the phone.

Go to Settings -> Glance and choose “Peek” in the options. Advantage of this is, phone displays the glance screen with the simple wave of a hand.

Tip #7: No need to scroll for an app

Swipe the screen to the left and App list appears. If any app is to be selected, there is no need to swipe down the screen and scroll through the whole App list. Just tap on a letter in the app list which brings out all the letters of the alphabet.

Tap on the starting letter of the desired app and then all the apps starting with that letter will be displayed. This makes it easier to search for an app.

For example, if WhatsApp is to be selected, tap on the letter ‘a’ that appears first in the app list. Then tap on letter ‘w’ in the alphabet letters. then only the apps that start with ‘w’ are displayed from which WhatsApp can be selected. This is a nice way as compared to scrolling down the app list from a to w !

Tip #8: Navigate faster

To go to any open apps, press and hold the back button (the reverse arrow) and the screen allows the user to swipe over to any open apps. Tap on the desired app to open it.

Tip #9: Change color of the home screen tiles

Go to Settings -> Theme and pick a color to change the color of the home screen tiles. Suit your Lumia to your mood by shifting between colors whenever desired!

Tip #10: Tap+Share

Nokia Lumia smartphones use NFC (Near Field Communication) to connect with other devices in a better way. When there is neither a mobile internet connection  nor a Wi-Fi connection to the phone, use this awesome Tap+share feature to transfer files between devices.

To share a photo using tap+share, go to photos, select the photo to be shared, tap on options (dots) on the bottom of the screen. Tap on  “share..” and then tap on “Tap+Share” . Tap with a phone to which the photo is to be transferred and then its sent!

This option is only applicable if the other phone also has NFC feature.

Tip #11: Resize Live tiles on Start Screen

Press and hold any tile on the Start screen and tap on the arrow to resize it. Get your personalized look on your Windows Phone!

Tips #12: Add apps contacts or web pages to Home screen

Swipe left on your home screen to get to the App list. Press and hold on any app and select ‘Pin to Start’ to pin it to the Start screen.

Tip #13: Instantly launch Nokia camera

When your Lumia is locked, press the camera button at the side of the phone to instantly launch Nokia Camera.

Tip #14: Quickly remove pop-up notifications

When a notification pops up, place a finger on the notification and slide to the right of the screen to make it disappear.

Tip #15: Storage check

Want to know what’s eating up your Lumia’s memory? Go to Settings, Under System, tap on Storage Check.

Tip #16: Create your own artist mix

In the Nokia Mix radio, tap on Create a mix and then tap on Create artist mix and select the artist of your choice.

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What tips do you use for your Nokia Lumia Smartphone? Feel free to comment your own tips and experiences with Nokia Lumia.

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