Use Gmail on Android phone often? If so, then look out for some pretty good updates that Google have released for the Android Gmail app. This update to the existing Android Gmail app includes the addition of new features like the option of saving the attachments to Google Drive directly from the mail and improved support for RTL (right-to-left) languages and few more. These features are explained in the list below:


gmail app update for android

  • Save to Drive:

    If any of the mail received in the Gmail has an attachment, then instead of downloading the attachment to view it, it can be saved to Google Drive directly from the mail. This can help in reducing the space consumptions that the downloaded attachments make.

    To save an attachment in a mail to Google drive, tap on  more options (the dots) beside the attachment and select “Save to Drive”

  • Explanations to Spam mails:

    If any email ends up in the spam folder of our Gmail, wondering why it was considered spam was the only option left to us. But now, Gmail cares to explain why a mail entered the spam folder of the Gmail’s inbox.

  • Better RTL support:

    Most of the people are used to have Gmail in English. This is a language that is read from left-to-right. But for some people speaking languages which are read from right-to-left such as Arabic, Persian, Hebrew etc, Gmail in Android now extends its support for these RTL languages by displaying the profile pictures and the navigation menu to the right side of the screen.

  • Faster access to the side navigation menu:

    While reading messages, by swiping on the screen from left to right (for RTL languages, swipe from right to left) displays the accounts,categories and labels on the screen. There will also be settings, feedback and help options seen.

These updates in Gmail app for Android will be activated in a few days (as said by Gmail on its official Google+ page).

So, to check for the updates and install the latest Gmail app for Android, get the Gmail app for Android on Google Play.

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