Slow motion videos are always a favorite! Everybody wants to have a slow motion video of themselves or their dear ones. But the problem is, not many phones have this feature. Luckily, HTC one m8 provides its users to record slow motion videos, and also edit them. This is a very easy tool and gets activated by the tap of just one option.

Take slow motion videos from HTC one m8:

1. Go to the camera mode on the phone

2. On the bottom right of the camera screen, click on the icon with four circles on it and select video mode.

3. When the phone enters the video mode, click on the dots to the bottom left to open up the options.

4.  In that options, click on the video icon that appears on the extreme left on the bottom of the screen.

5.  In that select the icon that looks like a person walking. This is the second icon in the HTC One m8. Then, “Slow motion video” message displays on the screen and this makes the phone enter into the slow motion video record mode.

Now all that is to be done is record a video in the usual way by tapping on the record button (the button with video camera icon to the right side of the screen). Then, when the recorded video is played, it will be played in slow motion.

To have a more clear explanation of how the slow motion feature of HTC One m8 can work, watch this video given by android central :

Once the slow-motion video is done recording, the users have the flexibility of editing the slow-motion video too! Go to gallery in the HTC one m8, and select the video that has been recorded with the slow-motion feature.  While it is playing, click on the “More options” button (3 dots) and select “edit” in the options. In edit, the recorded video can be cut to have only the desired part of the video. The slow-motion can be changed to  1/4 th of real time or 1/2 of real time or it can be made to normal also.

The intersting thing is that, like any other normal videos, this slow-motion video can also be shared via uploading into social sites like youtube, facebook, twitter etc.

Here’s a link to another video that explains about the editing of slow-motion video captured on the HTC One m8 :

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